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Pranayama in the Park

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Yoga

Here are some interesting things to know if you are planning to study yoga or have already incorporated the practice into your life. With these

Reintroduction To Yoga: A Session With Stephanie by Dan Comer

When you get out of the habit of something, even if it is good for you, it is hard to reconnect to that activity. I hadn't practiced yoga in yea

Say Cheese: 15 Fascinating Facts About Smiling!

Smiling is natural medicine, a feel-good remedy for a moment you could be a little happier, shine a little brighter, make a more meaningful conn

Save Animals/Practice Yoga- Humane League of Philadelphia/Dhyana Yoga- 8/8 6pm

Doing yoga with/ for a purpose is always a blissful experience. The more you breath into the posture, the more you realize, you can do what you

10 Cholesterol Lowering Foods to Incorporate into your Diet

Check out this useful information on eating foods that reduce your cholesterol. Please, do yourself a favor and learn to like and incorporate t

DC Yoga Community Unites to Build A Foster Home in South Africa

Citizen Effect’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge is bringing together DC’s top yoga studios and their students for a great cause: building a foster home

50 Meditation & Mind Control Techniques for Weight Loss

Weight loss and management is challenging for a lot of us. Incorporating meditation into your life and routine can help you overcome food issues

Rittenhouse Flower Market, A Charity Event for Children

Rittenhouse Square Flower Market for Children’s Charities is an annual event held in the Rittenhouse Park, Philadelphia , for 96 years. I took t