Part IV in the V Part – QiGong Fundamental Series-Development of Qi


The Development of Qi is a building block for your longevity. Taking care of yourself is a lifelong process. If you are “doing all the right things for our health”; are you engaging in energy work? We can create so much more vitality to our life force by practicing Qi Gong on a weekly basis. It is like taking your vitamins or eating your vegetables – performing your Qi Gong exercises will add strength, health and longevity.

That being said, the Development of Qi takes as much time as you give it. Almost immediately one can feel the connection to your energy or Qi once you start practicing a Qigong form.

The energy you cultivate can be different as the intention of the specific form you partake in has a slightly different meaning. Health practitioners use Medical Qigong to diagnose and cure disease in their patients Buddhist use Qigong as an avenue to reach higher consciousness. Taoist Qigong emphasizes the cultivation and development of QI for the release of stress, warding off old age and moral excellence. Martial Arts Qigong can be used to protect the body from the attacks sustained by fighting and bring the shen to the strikes to make them most powerful.

Whatever your purpose for developing Qi you should know it is like another other skill you obtain. It gets better, stronger, and more intense as you continue to practice it. A person can move from: “feeling connected” to their QI: occasionally, to more frequently, to consistently, to feeling the presence of this energy even when you are not practicing, to having others notice and feel this energy. The spiritual effect of this practice continues to build as you further your practice in time.

QiGong exercises increase your ability to: focus, control, and emit your body’s energy. The energy manifests as a physical entity as you begin to notice the tingling, burning, slight heaviness of the energy that you connect, strengthen and move within and around your body or that of others. Once the physical presence of your energy arises it is hard to stop practicing because you know there is a real result.

Years of practice will raise your vibration as a direct result of raising your energy level. The energy or chi you are developing is white light, breath energy. It is the universal energy that everything and everyone is made up of. Continue to practice this exercise form to establish a direct connection to the source.

Qigong is an amazing gift. It is a non-biased way of becoming one with yourself, others, your environment and the higher power. Begin to enhance your mind, body and spirit with Qigong!















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