Philadelphia/Washington DC Exchange, Painted Bride Art Center, 5/29 & 5/30.

Human Landscape Dance 2

Human Landscape Dance, a contemporary dance company based in Washington DC, and Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Co, a contemporary dance company based in Philadelphia, will present the Philadelphia/Washington DC Exchange at the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia Memorial Day weekend: Saturday May 29 at 7:30pm and Sunday May 30 at 3pm.

As part of a showcase to share their many talents with Philadelphia the Human Landscape Dance will premiere two pieces this coming weekend, “January Night” and “Closet Dances.”

Human Landscape Dance use structure and the environment to work within to develop the characters and reveal the attributes of their selves in a dance that moves and enraptures you. The physical elements involved in their performance keep you suspended and anxious for more to come. They use the contemporary dance as a spiritual and artistic endeavor as you are sure to feel their souls express and communicate with you on many levels in a compelling way that leaves you inspired and satisfied.

Each time they create a new piece they find inspiration in the environments we embody and the many parallels and contrasts we humans have as we grow and develop as part of the Human Landscape that exists as a relationship to mother nature. They use contemporary dance to create a lush expression of what it means to exist in this place and time.

Malcolm (Mac) Shute is a dance artist. His performing career began in Washington DC with Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group and Jane Franklin Dance. In 2006, he completed his Master of Fine Arts in Dance with a concentration in choreography from the University of Maryland. He went on to found Human Landscape Dance to showcase his own artistic vision. Shute is fascinated by relationships between people and the environments we inhabit. The performers of Human Landscape Dance appear on a variety of alternative spaces, lawns, stairwells, and walls, as well as the stage. Shute extends his understanding of movement craft by teaching. He is an adjunct professor in the Towson University BFA Dance Program.

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Human Landscape Dance will bring their compelling dances to Philadelphia’s Painted Bride on Saturday May 29 at 7:30pm and Sunday May 30 at 3pm. The Philadelphia/Washington DC Exchange is a shared concert with Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Company.

Human Landscape Dance 3

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