Practicing Yoga Off the Mat

Practicing Yoga Off the Mat by Being:

• Grounded in your own body, w/nature, & the bigger universe

• Present moment- focus on the period of time now occurring

• Connected to the mind, body and spirit.

• Compassionate, Peaceful with an Open Heart

Yoga has a lot of terms, if you practice yoga, you might have heard the term” practicing off the mat.” One of the Greatest things about yoga is it Can Go EVERY WHERE w/you (& you can even practice any where ). Yoga is so exciting to me because it HELPS TREMENDOUSLY with living a better, more happy, balanced, fulfilled life.

Some people are in better balance before they begin yoga & others are striving to find the way to balance through the practice of yoga. Either way here is are some results you can incorporate into your daily life:

Grounded- While practicing yoga our feet in the Earth, equal weight placed in the ball, heel, left & right side of the foot we can quiet the mind and begin to pay attention to the Earth & our place of connection to the Earth. We settle the body and open ourselves to the miraculous wonder that is the Universe. We are lengthened to the Heavens through our strong, sturdy spine. As we expand our chest with new breath energy. We are where we are NOW.

PresentBeing in the moment is -Totally Hard -in this crazed world, nuff said. If you apply yourself, stick with it and desire to receive the many benefits of yoga that it offers on the mat when you leave the mat you will slowly find yourself in the moment fully engaged and present. You will listen to what is being said, done and maybe even meant at the present time w/the present company (if you have any.) There is nothing like absorbing all the stimulus of the environment, the words, the expressions, your mind, your body and your soul on a constant basis. Find a way to Stay Present through yoga.

Connected– Yoga can help you find the connection to the mind, body and spirit. Then you can begin to monitor them. After you begin monitoring the mind for its business or emptiness at work, at play & at yoga you can evaluate where you are & where you want to be. The same goes with your body in terms of: strength, flexibility, connection to mind /body, openness to new postures, flows, teachers, theories your coordination, balance, etc. if you study with a teacher who incorporates a spiritual element into their teachings it is a perfect time and space to check out of your “normal existence” and cultivate the quiet and open spirit. A proper yoga practice can create a way to let your mind rest; so that your body can relax & then your spirit will be at peace. Just say, AHHHHHHHH!

Open– In life, some people grow up smelling roses & others feeling thorns. Some have it easy; others have it hard. Some people stay the same & others change. Whatever the case may be; you can find an open heart in and through yoga. I had to create mine through years of practice to be able to let go of my childhood difficulties that led me in search of spiritual enlightenment. The more we can cultivate peace and tranquility, steady and focused energy that is positive in nature the more we will be compassionate and understanding of others. It feels GREAT!!

No matter where you are in the scale of being happy, healthy & balanced in mind, body & spirit. Yoga practiced regularly will improve and strengthen these attributes and as the become part of you your yoga travels off the mat with you more and more each day. Trust me.

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