Putting It All Together

Well, it has been a long week! I have taken about 500 pictures in the last four days, reshot part of a video and much more.

The consequence of a distinct change brought about the opportunity for putting a lot of “things” all together. My friend and main artistic contributor will be moving on from my project. Oddly enough, we have done a lot of work together; but most of it is in some stage of “almost finished.”

I have never really been someone who took one “thing” from start to finish and went on to the next. I think I lacked the attention, dedication and discipline to finish most “things” I began for a lot of years in my life. I would start a bunch of projects and abandon them for others.

As I have reflected I found, I was not all that committed to these undertakings and my attention and focus definitely needed some improvement. Yoga has been a worthwhile commitment of my time if for nothing else than increasing my attention and focus.

When you work for yourself on independent projects if you don’t meet deadlines and timelines nothing happens when you don’t finish them on time! So, my habits have been harder to break.

I got to thinking, when you start multiple projects and finish none is this any different than creating duality in your character or a way of masking your true desires and ambitions by diminishing your core from being strong and centered? Is the beginning and end to some “thing” a spiritual communication of energy and intention that better serves you if validated in some way or form in the universe?

Is the reason I “can’t” or “don’t” finish my work a cause or effect of what my actions and/or my spirit manifests? I am not sure of the answer; but, I am very aware of the possibilities and I am intrigued by the idea that I have been hurting myself while I have been helping myself. A characteristic we find in the human struggle and a great impetus to studying Buddhism.

I have moved around a variety of Totally Zen projects and will eventually complete them all! For now, I can proudly say my friend and I will complete the first two Totally Zen videos within the next two weeks. All the photos we just took are for the preparation of the Totally Zen ecommerce offering that will be launched in the next two months. In blogging each week for eight months I have been able to create and complete many small heartfelt projects. The design and execution of original yoga mat bags are in the works; after, ironically seeing the same personal struggle I spoke of earlier be reflected to me in the first two designers actions.

In the pursuit of sanity and happiness I found Zen. In the pursuit of sharing my Zen vision with others as a means to continue and expand my endeavor and to make it a sustainable business I found equally difficult challenges!

Planning, positive thinking, workable ideas and perseverance are all the makings for finding yourself “putting it all together!”

per·se·ver·ance steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Theology. continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.



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