“R U Smarter Than A Monkey ?” – FREE I PHONE APPLICATION

Recently I was contacted and given the opportunity for any of the Totally Zen readers who use an I Phone to download a new application for free! ☺   Are you ready for R U Smarter Than A Monkey?

Keeping your mind sharp is essential and why not game to get the job done?

It is widely known that humans lose their ability to grasp and retain information with age, perhaps due to daily stress and information overload. But the good news is that it can be gained back by engaging the part of brain responsible for memory, focus and cognitive skills. This game might do just that for you.

How many games can you say is fun and good for your brain too?

A study done by Kyoto University shows that a 5 years old chimpanzee can identify numbers from 1-9 in correct order after having these numbers flashed to them for a fraction of a second.

You think you can beat that! Try this game and see… R U Smarter Than A Monkey gives you a chance to test yourself against these naughty little monkeys. It has several levels – starting at easy level (Baby Baboon) to harder levels such as gaps like “Mind the gap” you can practice before you challenge the mighty monkey himself (highest level) at an insane speed! And this is where it will become very addictive as you will do whatever it takes to prove to yourself and everyone else around (who’s probably laughing at you) that YOU ARE SMARTER THAN A MONKEY !!

Here’s a code for you to download the app from iTunes: EM4RE9WLPAHE


Here’s a link to a story ABC news did on it.

Here’s another link of gameplay:

ALL info in post found at: http://www.rusmarterthanamonkey.com/index.php

Photo provided for by:  http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/chimpanzee.html

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