Reflecting on Where You are in 2011, NOW

So it is 2011..

Another year, they seem to be flying by sooo fast! I am LIVING in the MOMENT.

But, I am still not able to FULFILL ALL My Greatest Desires, Dreams & Visions.

Welcome to Reality for Most.

As I ponder the past year, I can feel Good about how my Life is being lived in a lot of ways, I :

  • Ate more of a plant-based diet
  • Achieved a higher intention for myself
  • Deepened my understanding about how to cultivate a relationship w/G-d
  • Realized how hard it is to succeed (or not) in this world
  • Removed my focus on the physical more
  • Supported a lot of friend & family relationships
  • Stepped back
  • Took more deep, long breaths
  • Appreciated life
  • Experienced LIVING..
  • Tried to Smile whenever possible..
  • Ate more grains, beans & nuts
  • Drank less alcohol
  • Ate less meat
  • Consumed less
  • Lessened my carbon foot print
  • Got regular exercise most of the time
  • Took time to learn with & from others
  • Helped more often
  • Listened deeper
  • Connected more
  • Was nicer to people

What will 2011 hold for me, is: creating time specific Goals to get “things” done, studying with my talented & amazing Sifu, Chik Mason. regular Chanting, Studying more Knowledge that HELPS Me GROW SPIRITUALLY & in ALL other Ways. I Hope WE can Share some of this HERE in 2011!

It is a FRESH, New Year ..  What are some of your New GOALS?

Will YOU be able to keep them and say you accomplished some of these things at the end of 2011.

2012 is just around the corner, The Time is NOW!!

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