Reiki, a Spiritual Healing Practice


Reiki is a spiritual practice that was developed by Mikao Usai after a 21-day meditation and fast on Mount Kurama, Japan in 1922. He was a master Buddhist meditator and believed he had received the knowledge and ability to heal without depleting his energy.

Palm healing, tenohia, is a form of moving energy or chi through the palms to others. It is now incorporated into Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Reiki Principles, or GOKIA in Japanese, were developed when Usai went to Tokyo to set up his Reiki system and school. He used Emperor Meiji’s ethical writings as a precept for the philosophy. Many Reiki teachers, practitioners and spiritual people follow the five principles because they are key to finding balance and peace in your life, one of the translations is:

“The secret art of inviting good fortune. The marvelous medicine for all sickness. Just for today:

Do not be angry

Do not worry

Be grateful

Work with integrity

Be kind to others.

Every morning and every night sit in the Gassho position (hands held palm-to-palm) and speak these words out loud in your heart. For the evolution of body and soul, Usui Reiki Ryoho”, Mikao Usui.

Reiki is not taught in the traditional sense but is given to a student through an “attunement” by a Reiki master and then the student can begin to tap into the healing energy. It works on the Hollow Bone philosophy that states that the practitioner is a conduit for the healing energy. It is not the practitioners’ or patient’s energy being used but the life force or universal energy being channeled through the process for healing.

Treatments are usually about 45 minutes to an hour long. Using palms placed in positions for 3-5 minutes. Traditionally, there are about 20 hand positions used in a treatment but some practitioner’s use their intuitive powers to heal. Practitioners’ will move head to toe, back and front or simply concentrating on certain areas.

People who receive the treatments report they feel heat, tingling or energy sensations while the palms are being applied to the body.

It can be useful if practiced in conjunction with other medical treatments to reduce side effects and reduce recovery time. The benefits of reiki are improved well being, relaxation and healing for the mind, body and soul.



  1. Spirirtual Healing

    Brahma Satya Reiki is a self-evolved name for an applied spirituality pathway. The system relates to deep study and practice of principles of universal brotherhood and love. This spreads wellness, knowledge, truth, trust and righteous growth through the active use of naturally flowing universal core energy. This universal core energy is referred as Shiva-Shakti. It is this very balanced core energy that forms the basis of attaining the self-realized goal of complete wellness relating to body, mind and spirit.

    System Brahma is engaged in providing quality spiritual trainings, services and products. These trainings, services and products are imparted or made available to interested people through internet and direct visit of certified trainers and founder himself.

    System Brahma Satya emphasizes upon the practical usage of its spiritual concepts upon the areas of varying real needs relating to physical health (chronic, acute, incurable, infectious, emergency or even beauty enhancement), emotional & mental balance and wellness (anger, impatience, anxiety, fear, worry, depression, aggression, prosperity, greed, memory, concentration, peace, happiness, relationships, work, career, business, restlessness, relaxation or even education) and spiritual growth (astrological influences, aura management, chakra refinement, being alignment, ancestral blessing, karmic dissolution, ascension and self-realization).


    To have an individual realization awakened towards knowing the existing unity in within all creation; and thus make a truly worthwhile contribution in creating a confident dynamism in every individual that continues to spread the light of compassionate love and truth righteously creating and establishing firmly strong structures of universal complete wellness for one and all.

    Vision: It is so happening, every single moment!

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