Reiki Level 1 Training by Danielle Stimpson at Brio Vim



Introducing a Brand New Reiki Program at Brio Vim taught by Danielle Stimpson. Reiki Level 1 course offering at Brio Vim will take place Thursday evenings 6-9pm February 5 to April 9, 2009 and is currently enrolling.  

I got the opportunity to meet Danielle and her sweet, soft, enthusiastic energy immediately started to rub off on me. In fact, she gave me an intense reiki session that made my back feel stimulated by a warm, smooth energy. We talked about Reiki, her background and the fact that she is offering you a great way to take care of yourself, friends, family and others with a skill that you can take with you wherever you may be!

Danielle and I agree that being able to heal or heal someone is such a blessing! Once you become a healer you understand. Before that it’s like anything in life when someone says, “You can’t really know or identify unless you go through it yourself.” Healing others is BIG JOY and you get better at your skill and it gets more rewarding as you continue your practice.

Danielle had always known she wanted to be a healer originally a nurse. After becoming a pharmaceutical consultant it was clear to her that this was not the place for her. So, she let her hair grow, pierced her ear & wears casual clothes. By the third Reiki I class she knew she wanted to be a reiki master. She trained at 4th Street Reiki St., to become a certified reiki practitioner in 2006 and just recently became a teacher of Reiki in August. Congratulations! She gives treatments at Brio Vim and the Philadelphia Community Acupuncture.



Reiki now available in South Philadelphia and for the first time at sliding scale Philadelphia, PA January 5, 2009 – Reiki Master Teacher Danielle Stimpson is expanding her offerings of affordable Reiki treatments & training to South Philadelphia through a partnership with Brio Vim.

Reiki is a Japanese bodywork & natural healing practice that stresses the importance of self-development and responsibility. Practitioners are trained to use their hands to direct healing energy into their client. Palm healing in various forms has been practiced for thousands of years and by numerous different cultures. Reiki is safe and has no side effects or interactions with medical treatments or medications. Ms. Stimpson’s practitioner training program is currently thriving in West Philadelphia, having completed a successful first offering in November.

Danielle offers Reiki treatments and classes on a modest sliding payment scale in support of her mission to bring Reiki to people and communities who may not otherwise have access to it. Her approach is very cost effective, limiting overhead in a number of ways and passing the savings directly on to the students. According to Danielle “The practice of Reiki connects us with our body’s natural ability to heal itself, physically and emotionally. When the cost of treatment and training becomes unaffordable, we limit who can benefit.” Additionally, students will practice their skills in free and low cost public clinics to develop their confidence while supporting their community.
Brio Vim, located at 1543 S. Mole Street in South Philadelphia, opened its doors September 27, 2008. It is a hub for Philadelphians working for our environment, public spaces, conscientious eating, holistic health, the arts, and grass roots organizing. Founders Prana and Sean Jacobs feel the addition of the Reiki program will compliment their existing offerings of pay-what-you-can Yoga, Vegan feasts, and workshops including healthy eating and zero-impact crafts. Prana says “The practice of Reiki exemplifies Brio Vim’s mission to spread DIY Good Living-it is simple, powerful, effective, and motivated by compassion” and adds “Studying Reiki changed my life in ways I could never have foreseen. When you realize the power you have, the connections you have to the people around you – nothing is impossible.”

Danielle Stimpson stated, “I am excited to ally myself with Brio Vim’s already remarkable movement. Together, we will bring holistic wellness to more people in Philadelphia.” Sean Jacobs responds “Brio Vim is thrilled to bring Danielle Stimpson into our family. She gets what we are all about.” There will be a free introductory workshop on Saturday, January 10, 2008 from 2:00-4:00pm at Brio Vim where the public will be invited to learn about Reiki and experience it’s effects with complimentary mini-sessions, drinks, and snacks.

Private treatment sessions are now available, and the first Reiki Level 1 course offering at Brio Vim will take place Thursday evenings 6-9pm February 5 to April 9, 2009 and is currently enrolling. Level 2 training will soon take place in West Philadelphia, dates and times to be announced.

To learn more, contact Danielle Stimpson at (267) 974-4093 or on the web at or Brio Vim at (215) 476-1231 and



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