Rittenhouse Flower Market, A Charity Event for Children

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Rittenhouse Square Flower Market for Children’s Charities is an annual event held in the Rittenhouse Park, Philadelphia , for 96 years. I took time to stop and talk to people this year; so, now I understand what a fabulous and admirable concept the flower market in Rittenhouse Park really is. It is a contribution to our communities. If you are a Center City Philadelphian chances are you know the park well.

Rittenhouse Park was one of the five established park spaces that William Penn planned for Philadelphia in the 17th Century. Originally it was called Southwest Square and then it was named after a descendant of a paper-makers’ family, David Rittenhouse. He was an fried in the American Revolution, an astronomer and clock maker. In 1975 the Friends of Rittenhouse have looked after the conservation, beautification and development of the park. It is one of those fabulous, warm, eccentric popular parks that has visitors from all walks of life there.

The park hosts the Flower Market Charity event to showcase up to four deserving local children’s charities. These children’s organizations are highlighted because of their excellence in the field. Helping children to have better foundation, education, care, discipline, assistance and much more. The children from the schools actually make items to be sold at the event. There were beautiful cards, drawings, painted potters, gingerbread men cookies all made by the children. There were potted flowers galore, plants and herbs. The local SPCA was out there with some adorable pets to be adopted. People to educate and talk to you about the schools, foundation and park association. There were plenty of food, drinks, animals, balloons and fun to be had by all.

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It was a perfect place to buy mom a present and one that comes from the heart and helps children at the same time. I left the park touched to have taken the time to understand and experience the wonderful meaning of this event. Try and remember to stop by next year. I think they adjusted the date to proceed mother’s day so it is convenient for us to support the cause.

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