RYAH Yoga and Health Center- Best of Philly 2008


RYAH Yoga and Health is a beautiful, expansive wellness facility nestled in the base of Conshohocken, PA. 424 E. Elm St. to be exact. They are only two years old and the place already seems like home. Earthy colors create an environment that soothes and calms you. A warm, friendly staff to greet you and educated, enthusiastic instructors to teach you. How can you beat that?

I met Maura Manzo (www.mauramanzo.com), a holistic health practitioner, and Jennifer McPherson from RYAH at Being Yoga Conference in NYC last month. We felt it would be good to stay in touch and develop our connection. Before I knew it I had the wonderful opportunity to experience RYAH and learn about TriYoga.                           







Phyllis, the owner of RYAH, has been practicing yoga since 1976 and teaching TriYoga since 2002. She has studied many types of yoga. She met her true teacher, Kashi, when she discovered the power and bliss of Kali Ray TriYoga. She now devotes her practice to TriYoga. TriYoga Flows (Prasara) is a complete hatha yoga method. This means a union of posture (asana), breath (pranayama) and focus (mudra). In 2006, Phyllis decided to share her joy and sense of well being that yoga has brought to her life and opened RYAH.

I took a class from Phyllis and her command of knowledge of the intiricacies of the form and her focused guidance made a good balance. Being exposed to a new style is always a good way to shake up your brain and work on your center. How you receive the learning and form is key to your development and to remain open even when you are unsure is a challenge in any arena. I found myself feeling not as free as I wanted to in class. I was pleasantly surprised when we took opportunities to connect to the energy that mine was right there for me. At the end of practice, in shavasana (corpse pose), I felt worked even though the flow was gentle and slow. This is a true test to skill and precision of the form and teacher.

RYAH aims to be a complete center and they accomplish this by offering many services: nutrition and lifestyle wellness such as homeopathic medicine, chiropractor, naturopathic doctor and a nutritional counselor. Other offerings are: corporate wellness, workshops on many diverse topics and massages of many modalities.

It seems like you will be well taken care of once you put your trust in RYAH. They are there to help you: Relax.. Release.. Renew.     



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