Save Animals/Practice Yoga- Humane League of Philadelphia/Dhyana Yoga- 8/8 6pm


Humane League of Philadelphia is joining with Dhyana Yoga for an upcoming yoga class that will be held at their Old City location, 68 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, on Sunday, August 8 from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Come join animal rights activists, vegans, yogis, conscious minded people and more for a Vinyasa Yoga class. All proceeds will benefit the Humane League’s work to save animals. It’s welcome to everyone–from yoga novices to an experienced yoga enthusiast! The class will focus on breath and will include meditation.

Pre-registration is not required but is encouraged, and any interested participants can pre-register by emailing

A $10-$20 donation is requested and every dollar goes to the Humane League’s life-saving work for animals!

FIND OUT MORE about and how to get involved with Humane League of Philadelphia We strive to create a more compassionate world for animals through education, campaigns, and rescue. Because 98% of the animals that are abused and killed in this country are farmed animals, our primary focus is on working against the cruelest methods of factory farming and in support of vegan eating. We also deal to a lesser extent with issues of animal testing, fur, and companion animals.

  1. Stephanie

    THanks for sharing.. Truth, Yoga Rocks!

  2. Stephanie

    I appreciate you taking your time to write Chris! Yoga is a multi-faceted discipline and it appears you live it.

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