Spiritual Awakening

spiritualawakeningblogpic.JPG A friend had nudged me for years about “going to see the Master.” When I first went to my Master I had no idea why I was going there. Walking in the door of the practice space I was about to meet a man with so much knowledge, pure energy, positive and healing intentions and sage wisdom to give to all of us seekers of a new way.

What happened as I returned to yoga again and again, then started taking more and more classes was a craving developed for something intangible or maybe it is tangible after you know what you are looking for. In this case, a spiritual awakening that came in the form of my Master’s energy. I felt like a sponge trying to soak up this strong vibrational force of clean, clear energy.

I learned after my initial introduction to the spirit that it is necessary for something or someone to activate the unfolding of awareness that directs the spirit to higher states of being or consciousness.

When you peel back some of the layers of “consciousness” to sit with your true spirit you begin the process of spiritual enlightenment. Holding in meditation for long periods of time will help you to not only find your true self; but also, be able to develop growth, change and transformation, if desired. Our everyday life bend us into places and faces we may not always like or recognize; however, it is possible to undo what is done using spiritual practices.

To be honest, in the beginning I did a lot of “spiritual work” alone. So much thinking, crying, and reflection to make sense of the place where I was in past and present and making the first ever choice of how I wanted to live my future. I was not honestly happy with the place I grew to live within in my mind, body and soul.

Practicing yoga was easy for me. Meditation took ages for me to develop a place within myself that was clear that I could sit still, breathe deep and, mostly, not let thought enter into my brain. This is an art and act of building pure consciousness; something you have to schedule time for and practice (unless you are blessed with calm and clarity). Through time I have proved to myself and seen in my students the ability to build this type of concentration and connection to the energy that flows through you and me.

I have done a lot of spiritual development through the years to aid my soul’s process of taking out the old energy. To draw deeper towards the oneness of spirit and a higher state of consciousness that takes the duality of our living out of my daily life.

This can take a lot of time and is mostly quite painful. As I have grown through this it is easier to do my spiritual awakening daily in the midst of people and activities through a full life. Whatever way is best for you to proceed it is sure to take some hard work, time and dedication. In the beginning, you will be challenged and it is hard to stay in that place. For me, the spirit kept telling me to keep going forward. That this was my “right” place.

Hopefully, some day I can act completely and solely from that higher source, beyond my mind and without attachment or judgment. Then, I will know I have fully awakened my consciousness and become an enlightened being. Who knows if I can ever fully attain that completeness; but, it sure is fun trying!

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