Spoken vs. Unspoken Words


Life can be so complicated at times, especially when you are communicating with others. We have so much on our mind, in our life at each moment. We face a multitude of situations that require actions and then our reactions. Communication and personality are at least partially learned behaviors that compound and compile on one another to make up the person and relationships we have in our worlds. Whether we are dealing with work, friends, family or intimate relationships: they all require work, consideration, care and caution.

To be able to be an effective communicator is one of the biggest and most complex challenges we face in our life. The result has a direct effect on our relationships in all areas of our life.

We all have desires, needs and expectations and communication is a byproduct of the energy manifested from these intentions. Once we become aware of this we have a choice of whether to pay attention to what that means to us and how to apply this concept to all, any or some of our interactions and conversations.

For me, I grew up in a way that I was not emotionally able to handle being true to others and myself. Being responsible and honest would have made it possible to speak from my heart. Speaking words that would have meant the same thing I said; unfortunately, this did not happen too often. It took me many years to understand that what I said and meant were often not the same thing. Of course, this becomes confusing for the person speaking and the people in their lives. This is a way of protecting, denying or ignoring what and how you are really feeling. If you can speak the words you mean you are on your way to being a true soul and a good communicator.

Because I have been through the process of reviewing and analyzing my communication and relationships in all directions so I could find the direct link between the past, present and future I find myself on the other side of the road. Clearing up your communication is a good way of setting yourself free of all the emotional clutter that drags you down.

Spoken vs. Unspoken words are the thing that makes communication real or fake. Intention is the key to both these entities and how communication plays out. Don’t we all know when someone speaks from his or her heart? Can’t you feel the purity of their emotion and intention? Whereas if someone is saying certain things and they mean or intend another you feel the confusion, you sense the mistrust. If you pay attention, you can feel the conflict of the emotions or intentions that make the spoken and unspoken words contrast instead of align in conversations.

Words can be so beautiful when they are spoken with energy and connection to a positive intention. If you look and listen carefully you will notice that other words really don’t mean much. 


It is the intention or unspoken words that we must look to in order to find the truth in spoken words. Even then, conflict and diversity exists in people most of the time and if we are to reach a higher level of existence in the physical or spiritual worlds we will be “working” on our communication for the rest of our lives.



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