Support Festivals Promoting Local & Eco-Friendly Economy!

Remember to continue to support your GREEN artists, businesses, causes by joining in the festivities of their events!

Find out what is going on in your community in your local publications and make an effort to stop and spend a bit of time, energy, even a little bit of money( to help others). Besides buying gifts from these communities makes the vendor, the recipient of your generous giving and you feel GREAT! Warm fuzzies everywhere..

You could choose to spend $$$ on holiday gifts as our gift giving season ramps up. Celebrate Life & People’s CREATIVITY, even Independence by buying their wares!!!

Last Saturday I went to the EastFalls Art by the River Festival where I heard some cool music, met some interesting people, saw tons of great arts and crafts, bonded with a friend.. Not bad for a perfect Fall Saturday.

Buy Local, Go Green, Support Sustainability!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Have Fun, Be at Peace, Give Joy!!

If you want to refresh yourself on some startling statistics, suggestions & information on going green, check out a previous TotallyZen post:

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