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As you reflect on your last year with hopes of being and doing more this year: Remember there are people All Over the WOrld out there Making a Difference!  FInd a Cause or Join this one.. It will Help make you Feel GREAT!!


2011 has been a year of great accomplishment through the work that is done by and through Africa Yoga Project. They are an organization that uses the transformative power of yoga to empower communities and change lives. I continue to be inspired and humbled by their huge gift of giving from so many hearts to help contribute to a worthwhile cause!

Here are just a few of their accomplishments from 2011:

1. Empowered 42 yoga teachers to teach over 2400 free yoga classes this year, reaching over 4,000 people weekly through our mentorship program.

2. Organized over 10 weekly feeding programs serving over 300 needy boys and girls with nutritious food after yoga class.

3. Provided the funding for two community centers, offering impoverished youth a safe place to come together, learn, and of course, practice yoga through our Seva Safari.

4. Partnered with Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Institute Community to bring AYP to Mexico, Italy and the US by sponsoring 3 Kenyan AYP teachers to continue their training.

5. Created a vibrant, active community with shared values of possibility, non-violence and unity globally that is changing the world.


PLEASE consider this as a gift that continues to provide value for years to come for many people around the world!The sharing and giving of this gift helps many in need.

The Africa Yoga Project recently announced, Portraits of Empowerment and Peace, a  book of inspirational photographic portraits and stories from the Kenyan teachers that live and teach yoga in their communities.

They were inspired by the peace and empowerment generated by yoga in contrast to the chaos, fear, and poverty of the slums of Nairobi. The portraits capture the teachers’ strength of intention and unwavering perseverance to serve their communities. Rather than just a book documenting the teachers’ work, they hope it will serve as an active tool to generate gratitude and remind everyone that we are all empowered to bring change to our communities and the world through selfless service. Be inspired by these photographs and the work of the AYP teachers!

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to help the Africa Yoga Project continue and expand their programs to promote unity, possibility and non-violence in Kenya. In order to maximize the benefit to the community programs, AYP self-published the book and it is available for purchase on their web site Cost is $35 plus S&H.

Check out the February 2012 issue of Yoga Journal Magazine to read their review of the book!

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