The Beginning of a New Life


It turns out I have been in Houston, Texas visiting my brother’s 1st baby. She is a little girl that happens to look like a perfect little china doll.

Wow! Her skin is milky white, her eyes pretty blue, eyelashes all long, jet black hair, long fingers, strong neck (already pulling up at 2 weeks), squirmy little critter. Just an amazing gift to come into this world!

What a miracle the creation of life, from before the person comes to this world and then their growth as a part of our human race.

I can only imagine what a cool process being a part of growing a baby within you must truly be. As a woman this must be extraordinary in so many ways!! Scientifically, a true phenomenon.

What is interesting to look at is their development once their come outside to begin life as we know it. It will be so interesting to see the way in which the genetics, environment and experiences this person have contribute to forming this person’s personality.

Even within the first few weeks of their life you can begin to detect this new person’s disposition and tendencies. Will they be calm and easy, hyper and super active? Are they generally happy or fussy, sleep a lot or little? All of these are little indicators to follow up on in the future to correlate to their developing personalities.

Over time, the cumulative effect of life changes and influences direct a person to navigate their life in a certain way, have certain attitudes and perspectives and make choices that follow their transformation.

But, as a new child arrives in this world without a single blemish, mark, alteration to a seemingly clear canvas you get this overwhelming feeling of choice, time and experiences.

All the time a person lives through, all the choices a person is able to make each day, all the possibilities that are available to a person should they decide to reach out and go for it.

The element of time and how you spend yours is a true test of character. The influences of each person dictate so much about a person, the field of endless possibilities seems infinite as a new baby lies in their new crib resting their souls to prepare for the BIG ADVENTURE, which is life.

I think I am reminded so much of the fragility of life and the freedom of choice and the passing of time as I lay my eyes upon the most tender, unafflicted, little soul I know at the moment.

  1. Rachit Bhargava

    Aunt Steph, congrats to you, Sean and his wife, and Grandma(s) from both sides! What’s the lil’ one’s name?
    Lots of best wishes, blessings and love to the new member of the Churchill family from Rachit, Vinita and Neha in India!

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