The Beginning

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Well, everything has a beginning ; but, not necessarily everything has an end. Check out a circle!

This is my 1st blog entry which will kick off the launch of a new, improved Totally Zen experience!

It has been my vision to create the type of site where I can express & share my ideas about life, Zen, yoga, living, breathing, thinking & doing. I hope in doing this it will tap into other people’s desire to do the same in their lives!

The basic idea is to help people explore ideas that might not be as readily apparent or accessible to them.  Here,  I think of myself as a conduit of feelings & expressions that flow through me in a certain way because I have chosen to alter my thinking, seeing,  feeling  & living as a result of finding the Eastern Way.

I believe it is a truly healthy & enlightened path to travel!I am offering to you my insight because I feel if I can help one person get on this path or feel better or understand more than I have accomplished my goal!

In life we are all teachers & students.  As we teach , we learn, we grow! This is the point of life & it is the my biggest passion to keep growing in this fashion!

I want to share the things that interest me, fascinate me & make me tick! I want to know the same of you for we have so much to give & receive from others!I am so excited to begin this journey & see where it takes me!


The Begiining 2

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