The Final Transition on Earth- Death

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Yesterday a dear friend’s father passed, another friend’s friend’s mother passed, another friend’s son avoided death recently in a tragic car accident that left him with tons of rehabilitation in the near future, two friends have various forms and stages of cancer right now.

I am only one person. This knowledge leaves me with the reality that death is all around us. Sometimes we forget that because it is easier and more pleasant! We can avoid hearing about death for periods of time and this is fine because it is a hard subject to deal with emotionally, spiritually, physically.

Is death something we should prepare for early, when it is close or never? How do you prepare for death? Of course, this is highly personal. I have no answer just bring up the subject for self- examination and consideration because I am faced with it now.

My friend’s dad passed on from Leukemia. He had diabetes and refused to make changes in his behaviors. This might have led to an early onset of Leukemia or, possibly, he might have avoided it by taking that opportunity to get super healthy. I actually didn’t know his dad; but , his son seems to think he had a chance to live longer. Old age is something that brings death to all of us. Accidents happen every second of every day. We never know how serious they will be or who they will happen to. Right now, it is possible to have a disease lurking in our bodies that could kill us. Or we might be doing everything possible to fight for our lives right now!

When you think all these thoughts you might want to run and hide under a rock, in the bed sheets or on a nice beach!

The point is that death is inevitable whether we are young or old, healthy or feeble, prepared or unprepared. What we do with the time at hand now is important!

Are you maintaining your health? Are you doing preventative maintenance? Are you exercising, eating right, building good relationships, and thinking positively?

Have you considered what you feel the purpose of your life is here on Earth? Are you living your purpose?

What is your relationship to death? Do you believe in an afterlife or does your soul die with your body?

As we get older we feel the weight of these questions more each year. Taking care of the body and the health that most of us are granted, without appreciation, is usual. Many people struggle through their lives given hardships and handicaps.

I look back on the different types of vices I have tried or been caught up in at one time or another. I reflect on the carefree attitude I had about most everything because I was privileged in many ways. I am happy I have become more mindful of my choices and a healthy lifestyle!

Meditation, yoga, qigong, daoist thinking have added life force to my existence. I can feel that my body is stronger, healthier and clearer than ever before. Aging is happening; but, my goal is to keep it in check by putting back in good things that being a part of this society with all its toxic living, thinking and acting can take out.

Even though I hope and assume death is not close to me. I am taking time to evaluate how to live better, more simply and mindfully. I hear the voice of my spirit being more at ease. I know my connection to a higher force within myself is being carved out each day to prepare me for that last transition.

I want to be at peace.



  1. Chris Churchill

    You know I’m bad at expressing myself in writing so I will keep it brief. I think that post was brilliant in that you were able to communicate with the reader about our own mortality. To me it spoke of how we should take advantage of everything that life has to offer.

  2. Mills

    Stephen Levine is the best author on this subject. “Who Dies?” and “A year to live” are excellent books. Much better than Kubler-Ross.

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