The Five Fundamentals of Qigong, Part V, The Benefits of Practicing Qigong

Benefits of Qigong

Either to garner some interest and enthusiasm to begin or to remain committed to a practice of Qigong; we should know how many ways we are improving our lives by practicing Qigong.

Sometimes instantaneously or after a period of time you can feel the tingling, heat or vibration in your palms. Eventually your internal self will feel warmer. Your three tan tiens, or energy centers, will feel more vibration when you do your energy work, which strengthens the energy at each center. Your root will heat up because you are cultivating energy there as well.

Other Types of Improvements found as a Benefit from Practicing Qigong:

Increased Health and Vitality
Reduces blood pressure, resting heart rate, and cholesterol levels.
Improves vision and hearing, bone density, digestion, arthritis and fibromyalgia.
Improves immune system with regular practice you can relieve or cure allergies, asthma, senility, chronic fatigue and more.

Chronic Pain– can be managed with practice. Through visualization and mind/body control you can reduce or eliminate pain.

Better Circulation– with the practice of regular breathing you increase the oxygen within the body. Then through movement and focused intention you move this energy throughout your body.

Builds Moral Character– by creating virtue and wisdom.

Spiritual Development– evolves by clearing your mental state and nourishing your intuition. As the focus turns inward you can begin to
see the interconnectedness of all things and beings.

Oneness with the Universe– is developed by removing all the obstacles and thoughts to develop Universal intention and energy during your practice.

Inner Peace– is established by the peace and calmness you feel in your practice. Happiness, gratitude, compassion can be truly experienced.

Stress Reliever– by decreasing your stress response. Helps obsessive-compulsive behavior, depression, anxiety and Type A personalities.

Increased Intelligence– by integrating different states of consciousness and developing more awareness.

Develops Discipline– by practicing anything on a regular basis you create discipline.

Improves– coordination, balance, strength, stamina, flexibility.

Builds Self-Esteem and Self Confidence-by allowing you to feel good and comfortable in your own skin.


Qigong is one of the fastest , most effective forms of health maintenance and therapy. It will enrich your life in many different facets of life and living. 

                                                                      Benefits of Qigong                                

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    Thanks for the great article. I have never practiced Qigong, but you make it sound worth trying. Thanks for the information.

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