The Five Senses, Part II- Sight, Yoga Eye Exercises

We learn more from our eyes more than from any of the other senses (if we are blessed with the sense of sight). All day long your eyes are looking, observing and interacting with everything in our world. In fact, the eyes provide 40% of the information the brain processes in any given moment. All this work may make your eyes get tired and they need to be properly taken care of to maintain your eye health and good vision!

Physically, eyesight weakens as the muscles around the eyes get weaker. Once these muscles those their elasticity they become rigid and it is less easy to focus the eyes.

Another result of eyestrain is that it brings tension to the area around the eyes that cause the brain stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, when eyes get older they get weaker. Doing exercises and bringing energy or prana to the eyes can prevent some of the weakening.


When we relax the body we can begin to relax the eyes.

 Improve your vision with regular eye exercises.

 Eyes are the windows to the soul and you can feel and see a lot about a person if you look inside.  


Yoga Eye Exercises

·      Focusing on a single spot straightforward, no blinking,breath. Try 15, 30, 60 seconds, 1 minute.                  Will steady or calm the mind completely.     




·      Focus the eyes straight forward (inhale, exhale), change your focus to upper left hand corner (inhale), lower right hand corner (exhale), upper right hand corner (inhale), lower left hand corner (exhale), straight across and behind left (inhale), and straight across and behind right (exhale). Extend peripheral vision and improve focus and concentration.            



·      Use the palms and rub them together vigorously to create healing energy or heat. Place the slightly cupped palms, closed fingers over the eye area. Try not to touch the eyes and if you feel more comfortable touching the eyes then do not apply pressure. Transfer this heat or healing energy to the eyes with your constant breath, intention and concentration. If we relax the eyes and bring them into darkness the stress and impact of engaging them all the time Creating healing energy or heat to the eyes should bring improved eye health.                                                                            


Take time to appreciate your vision because life would be a lot tougher without it!


Something to Ponder..

The sense of sight is a scientifically complicated one and of the five senses it is the most complex.

When we focus our eyes on something we are actually “seeing” beams of light reflecting off the object and into your eyes. The cornea is a thick, transparent protective layer that protects the eye and the pupil is the dark circle in the center of your eyes the light passes through these two places until it reaches the lens. The amount of light contracts and expands the iris, which is the colored ring around the eye. A lot of light makes the pupil shrink and vice versa thereby controlling the amount of light the eye takes in at any given moment. Then the lens does its job of focusing on the object. The retina is filled with about 150 million light sensitive cells that are rods, which work best in low light and cones that function best in bright light and colors. Both these types of cells send the information about the object to the brain via the optic nerve. The image is delivered upside down. The brain turns the image right side up and registers the image in the visual cortex and tells us what we are looking at. 

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