The Five Senses, Part III: Touch

So many miracles and gifts the human body bestows upon us. The sense of touch can reveal so many more things if we are aware of in the moment we connect to that person or object. We can make hypothesis about shapes texture, temperature, and composition. From the touch of one person to another one can receive so much information about what is going on in the inside simply by touching.

The sense of touch is created from a stimulus connecting to three different types of receptors: one for temperature, another for physical connection and the other for chemical stimuli in the environment. The sensory neuron fires through the nervous system along the spine and into the brain. This response is sent to the part of the brain that relates to the part of the body touched.

It is overwhelming how much and how deep you can connect to something else, someone else through the sensation of touch. At times when someone touches you or you feel another person’s energy, you can feel their soul, connect to their thoughts and emotions on some level. That is so much more information that can be transferred than words. Feelings can be communicated without words by using your sense of touch to speak for you. You can feel connected so deeply. Whether it is a healing touch, physical connection, sensual touch or emotional touch it is so powerful and fulfilling we all need this connection. Studies show a person to be healthier and happier when they have physical interaction, feel loved and have friendships.

This week I had a massage and even though I get them regularly I still can get overwhelmed about the incredible feeling of energy, vibration traveling from one being to another. The power of the sensory system allows us to receive the incredible energy in the healing touch. Whether the person massaging you is a healer (someone who intends to touch you for healing person) or not we learn the power of touch by feeling better, energized and more relaxed. The warmth of another being, a positive physical connection to another is like stoking the fire of the heart. the brain, the body, the soul.

In yoga we learn how to feel our bodies. In postures we take time to connect one place of the self with another. With intention you pick up your foot with your hand, connect your palms or extend your arms and reach for your ankles. Oddly enough the act of doing something while hearing the instruction carves out a deeper connection and body /mind connection. When this action keeps occurring a stronger connection begins to appear. This new layer of information provides more awareness to the body. Being mindful of what your body needs, wants or is experiencing can help your health! This awareness can be shared with others by sharing this information or touch. You can actually transfer an intention through touch; such as: love, positivity.

Yet, when we forget about that body/ mind connection we can hurt ourselves unintentionally. This morning I cut myself chopping vegetables and thinking. My mind & body disconnected and until the touch of the knife brought me from my knife to my finger I had drifted away into my thoughts. It’s ok to think.. but, we must remember to be aware of our actions. Touch is only one way that  you will be reminded, some how. Don’t let your body ache because you neglect it, give yourself a massage to lighten up and give someone a hug to show you care!

Finding a deeper connection to touch will reward and enrich your life. Being aware of the sense of touch adds a body /mind connection to the sensory system and manifests a fulfilling reality.

Try it now: touch with intention, create positivity in your world and receive the knowledge.

  1. Kind Essence

    Speaking of Touch! My company, Sassy Senior Yoginis works with seniors and no matter what type of class I am teaching, Gentle Chair Yoga, Cardio, or Endurance, I always end with them offering each other a shoulder & neck massage. I turn down the lights to set the mood, offer an intention of healing and we begin. You can hear the Ahhs timbering through the space; shoulders falling down; wrinkles disappearing from the brows and peace settle-ling in. Since most of my clients are living alone, touch is something they don’t get much of. In the beginning you could see how nervous they were to touch someone, but after their first class with massage, they got over it. Now, you can’t get them to get up out of their chairs. That’s a good thing. Namaste,

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