The Five Yoga Fundamentals , Part V, Repetition


Moving through the Five Fundamentals of Yoga for a basic yoga practice: Posture, Breathing, Meditation, Intention and Repetition; we arrive at the idea of repetition. Repetition in yoga is necessary to: create a connection to what you are doing in the beginning, allow you to build your energy and find your way to a more advanced practice.

When you first begin, the postures are awkward, uncomfortable and you probably feel weird or bizarre for putting your body & your self in the positions, the class or the practice itself. Once you get past these obscurities the only thing that remains is to: keep exploring the openings, releases, intricacies, miraculous ness, awe inspiring system called yoga. Oddly, the only way you can get to that end is to take time to practice yoga.

We all practice yoga for different reasons and there may be many different things that you discover along “the way”. Whatever the reasons you are drawn to practice yoga you must continue to practice in order to get to the real beauty of yoga. Going deep has never felt so good or free!

All the other fundamentals we have discussed in the prior part of this series (Posture, Breathing, Meditation, Intention) are necessary and best when practiced, in repetition, to carve a pathway to the true meaning of each individual characteristic’s singular meaning(s). Then, we can begin to layer and combine the other elements in order to arrive at an honest, correct, meaningful yoga practice.

As with any skill we want to learn in life we will improve as we practice. We get better the more we repeat the undertaking. In yoga, repetition is your practice.

In the beginning of one’s yoga practice I recommend twice a week minimum. Three or more times a week being optimal and proactive in pursuit of a solid yogic connection. After some years it will begin to feel obvious that yoga practice has become embedded into your daily living. Then, it might not be a daily yoga session; but it might be 9 deep breaths, a deep stretch, a neck rotation, a pause, recognition of the light or a feeling of bliss. These limitless benefits begin to surround you and become part of you as you move through your day, night, and life.

Repetition is the manifestation of hard work, determination and perseverance. Working hard towards a goal is rewarding and fulfilling. Seeing change, feeling change, being change is a special reward. Yoga unlocks and leashes the mind, body and spirit. Once you begin to do this regularly you can definitely be a greater benefit to yourself and others.

The positive energy abounding yoga practice found through repetition is a worthwhile conquest and one that should be taken seriously as a definitive positive force and presence in your life and the lives of those you touch around you.

My appreciation of yoga continues to build with each new moon. The benefits of yoga in my world, in my soul and in all that is my life are new blessings that I value every day.

Repetiton can make a habit, a benefit, a world of change.      



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