The Making of a Totally Zen Video


You could say I have a deep and profound respect and appreciation for original artists, creators, entrepreneurs and visionaries of all kinds since conceiving the idea of offering my own original work to others.

I have tried to resurrect a career either in instructional yoga videos or alternative lifestyle programming for years. Until this moment most of my efforts have only been half-baked or half successful. I now know the saying, ” it was easy everyone would do it” is true.

Just as one can say about anything in life, in the beginning, you can’t possibly know all the considerations and correct answers to the problems and questions without going through the experience yourself. I have gone through the challenges of creating Totally Zen videos time and time again. Another difficulty that became apparent to me through his process is having someone else help you convey your true vision. So, I decided to trust my own and a very good friend’s artistic vision to create and present my own rendition of a Totally Zen Video(s).

As I look at my life, I recognize I am one of those people who have the curious fortune of having everything go wrong that can! Even after declaring myself independent I still suffered setbacks. In fact, recently, we have tried several times to shoot the initial video and circumstances beyond our wildest imagination and control just happened. Se la vi, I am not giving up!

There is the beautiful, warm studio space we are blessed enough to be able to work on our project. I have a very talented, skilled professional, Juleon Darq, to help me. We have the will and determination to create something that is beautiful, professional, artisitic , educational, authentic, modern and classic.

Tomorrow as we film, I will try and put forth the energy and enthusiasm I find that makes me love and live for teaching. Tapping into that well of greatness I strive for as a result of studying the Eastern way. With strength & conviction we move forward to offer you a homegrown collection of yoga videos straight from the heart of Totally Zen.

I can’t wait to share the finished product with you all!

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