Thoughtfulness is Found in the Little Things

Thinking about thoughtfulness can be an endless proposition. Yet, thoughtfulness can mean so much to a person it should not be overlooked or forgotten. It can mean the difference between a smile and a frown on the inside or outside of people you care about in your life.

Universally, there are variable levels of all character traits in all people, just like thoughtfulness. If asked, you could probably name two or three people in your life who’s thoughtfulness is substantial or even overwhelming and then those that you could say might be underwhelming. Not giving and sharing the expression of thoughtfulness leaves a lot to the imagination.

Some people take so much time to extend their feelings, intentions and give to others. This energy exudes from their beings in a natural way. While others seem to have all that energy trapped inside them as if they are unable to let it out. When you make the effort to express yourself it strengthens and develops your character in a positive way. It To have someone in your life to reciprocate acts of thoughtfulness with is a true gift.

In yoga practice it is hard not to become more thoughtful! All the while we practice we strive to be more mindful of our breath. If we are breathing without thinking we become clearer. Clarity can bring gratitude for all those people, things and attributes that make our life unique and special. Showing your appreciation and gratitude through thoughtfulness allows your inner self to shine out to those that deserve it most in our lives. Thoughtfulness and mindfulness come hand in hand and feed upon each other.

There are many times in my life that I missed the opportunity to show thoughtfulness to those people who deserved it in the past. Sometimes I reflect on those times to become more conscious of what and how I should act now to prevent feeling this way in the future.

The effect of thoughtfulness is felt when it is strong and intentional. If you make the effort to be thoughtful it is likely it will be met with a return act of thoughtfulness. This creates a cyclical nature for love, appreciation and giving to blossom.

It is always good practice to take time out to consider how thoughtful a person we are and strive to be a little more thoughtful each day.


A considerate and thoughtful act

The trait of thinking carefully before acting

Kind and considerate regard for others;

“he showed no consideration for her feelings”

A calm lengthy intent consideration




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