Totally Zen named among the TOP 100 INCREDIBLE YOGA TEACHERS WHO BLOG!

100 Yoga Blogs 2

Recently we were informed that has included us in a list of the 100 Incredible Yoga Teachers Who Blog.

TOTALLY ZEN is Totally Excited to hear of this great news!

We blog about our mind, body, spirit in order to learn, grow and transform ourselves into the best person we can be at that moment. Sharing our experience and findings inspires and helps us to keep moving along the path of self development and Universal consciousness. Hopefully it does something for you too :)

It is Most Excellent to be recognized for our labor of love and hard work we do to create TOTALLY ZEN.

Check out the other yoga blogs in the list & see what other treasures there are to behold:

100 Incredible Yoga Teachers Who Blog

Thank You for your time, energy and readership!

  1. Rachit

    15 years ago, the grandmistress wouldn’t even bother to log on to her Drexel email account. And today, she ends up designing her website, punching away on her apple laptop, blogging her way into the top 100!!
    Go Grandmistress of Zen! Keep computing ;-))

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