Transformation- Something to Ponder on Halloween

Halloween 2009

I was out on Halloween night with my master/teacher and we went to a party where everybody dressed up. He chose to be a monk & I chose a daredevil or a female evil keneival. As I pondered the process of picking out a costume, getting in costume and presenting yourself to others I realized this could be easy or difficult for a person. I got to thinking about why that might be and went on to observe what I thought of the night in a new paradigm. One that made me question: who we are, what we are made of and how comfortable we are in this process. The Halloween party was a unique experience because I felt like the hundred’s of people that were there had transformed themselves into a deeper version of themselves or brought out a hidden part of themselves. Either way the party was full on and everyone was in character. It was so great to see people living life and feeling free and happy!

As I thought of the act of transformation I decided that yoga was the catalyst for my most complete and significant transformation. I’m not sure if the people around me really know how different I feel in my same skin. I don’t know if others realize that while I am the same being; I do not resonant on the same channel, in the same vibration or in the same harmony. Much like music I have changed my tune. It is a subtle thing from the outside; it is the deep internal changes that make me feel like a slightly different person; oddly, more like the little girl I remember from childhood. Shedding layers of negativity and toxicity to shine as the person I had lost somewhere along the way.┬áIt has been several years since I felt whole and calm; but, I do notice the process continuing and that each new dimension continues to be significant as I continue on my path to be One with the Universe.

In yoga transformation comes as a byproduct of practicing yoga. The positive effects of yoga are so overwhelming that most who find that connection are like spokesperson for the cause. Yoga can take an old body and make it flexible and graceful, meet a rigid mind and make it more focused, clear and take a closed spirit and soften it.

Yoga can literally burn off layers of your former self in the form of physical, mental, spiritual toxicity. It is amazing to experience the process of change for yourself and in others. We hold old memories
In our bodies, spirits and minds. Eventually if a person has enough bad or negative experience their being shifts toward darkness. Once this happens it becomes more difficult to look for or believe in the light. Eventually life can become like a self-fulfilling prophecy never quite treating you right or turning out the best. On the other hand, if the cup is half full then life can keep getting better and better.

Transformation starts with feeling things could be better or they are not right, the action is change and the goal is transformation.

Halloween 2009 Halloween

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