Trapped on a Plane



Well, I am overdue on a Totally Zen Blog installment. My sincerest apologies!I am sitting at my computer fighting a massive headache and achy body to get something out to what might be a dedicated few (5 months into my weekly blog) that looks to my site for a weekly Zen spot that might touch their mind, body and/or spirit.

Have you ever boarded a plane and sat down in your seat only to find the person sitting next to you is not quite well, or really sick or sneezing/coughing their head off?

I just traveled to Texas & had the unfortunate occurrence of being seated next to a person who was not well. Meaning she was a coughing factory and I had nowhere else to go. Literally, trapped on a plane!!  So, for four hours she coughed almost all over me and one day later I was sick. I had to ask myself, as I am sick, what could be done to reduce the opportunity of other travelers being exposed to sick peoples’ germs. How could people fly germ free ?

We know the air is recycled on a plane; so, if your immune system is low you could be in for whatever anyone has that is seated anywhere on the plane. The sick person who has previously bought the ticket and has to travel is faced with a conscious decision that is beyond their control. They might say, “Should I travel and risk getting people I don’t know sick or postpone my trip and incur all kinds of extra costs and delays by not flying as scheduled?” Hmmm, I guess that is why I am sick!

I can understand that point of view; but as I sit in my house cold and tired I wonder if we could organize to have a sick pass from an airline once a year. We could use it like an upgrade to a first class seat for flying so much on a specific airline only they allow you to rebook a flight due to illness so as not to get others sick that travel their airline? Maybe we should start petitions to all the airlines?

Wouldn’t that be conscious thinking and living?? Somehow, I have slim to none belief that this will ever happen. While, I cannot blame people going about their life and following through their travel plans. I think it would be nice of sick people traveling to warn others, try and move to an empty area or bring Airbourne for the people around them they are going to infect. Even tell them what virus they are about to get and how they should take care of themselves. Wouldn’t that be novel!

Health is so valuable and at certain times you are reminded fully of its value!

For now, I will take more Vitamin C, Echinacea, Cold Tea and rest hoping tomorrow feels like an ordinary winter day in Philadelphia (29*F).



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