Water is the Key to Your Health

The Greenfest Philly will revolve around the theme of water. As an upcoming exhibitor for the event I was challenged to find the correlation between water and what Totally Zen could offer to the subject.

I had heard water was a healing tool some time ago. Sometimes you here things in passing and don’t put much attention to them and other things in life we take for granted, like our health. When I had the opportunity to delve into the meaning between health and water I jumped on it.

I found a book called, You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! , by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. This scientist has some very interesting research, findings and explanations as to the connection between human health and hydration levels.

For two and a half years, in the late 70’s, this doctor was being held in an Iranian prison as a political prisoner of the Islamic revolution. While there, he began to treat prisoners for stress induced peptic ulcer disease by drinking two glasses of water. He effectively treated over three thousand such cases and wrote a scientific explanation that would be published in the Iranian Medical Association Journal while still in prison and later restructured for the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in June of 1983.

The doctor presents a need for an entire paradigm shift to the way modern medicine looks at health and disease. He claims that chronic dehydration can change molecular and electrical structure of cells, which affect the chemical balance in the body thereby altering their effectiveness in the body. Once your cells are not acting, responding and receiving information in the body correctly or efficiently there begins imbalances in the organs and internal systems. Once this happens pathology, disease, sets in to the body.

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj claims, “the current commerce directed, health- maintenance system”, does not want to educate people as to this finding because the pharmaceutical industry would suffer at the knowledge that most chronic disease could be cured by hydrating or preventatively keeping the body hydrated from the start.


He states that modern medicine has made four mistakes that confound to cost society dearly. Here are the four premises:

1. “The whole structure of modern medicine is built on the pitifully flawed premise that dry mouth is the only sign of dehydration.” They have confused the symptoms of internal, localized droughts and has identified them as different disease. Dry mouth is the last indicator of dehydration of the body.

2. Water has primary functions in the body; water is life- sustaining and life- giving. This is why dehydration can cause life-threatening processes. Understanding this can save your life and health- naturally.

3. Another serious error is that, “the human body can regulate efficiently its water intake throughout the lifespan of the person. As we age our perception of thirst diminishes and we fail to drink adequate amounts of water.” The cells become plum-like in vital organs and we cannot sustain life. We need to recognize the onset of dehydration and its manifestations to prevent the irreversible damage.

4. He says, ” the fourth nail in the coffin of present-day medicine is the thought that any fluid can replace the water needs of the body.” This is a major problem because of the use of manufactured beverages. He notes, “Caffeine, soda, alcohol and tea actually dehydrate the body. Most of the beverages today contain the dehydrating substance of caffeine.” Therefore, you need more water after you drink them than before because you excrete water when you use them.

There is so much interesting information about the different effects dehydration has on the body. In fact, come out to Greenfest on Sunday, September 7th, 11-6pm. The event takes at Headhouse Square, 2nd & South Street. Find the Totally Zen booth to read the to learn about the Forty-Six Reasons Why Your Body Needs Water Every Day and to say Hello! If you are not local or do not make it out I will post the list or summary of the educational information after the event.

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj suggestions for water usage:

• In the meantime remember to drink water 30 minutes before a meal to prepare the digestive tract.

• Water should be taken any time you are thirsty- even during meals.

• Water should be taken 2 1/2 hours after a meal to complete the process of digestion and correct dehydration caused by food breakdown.

• Water should be taken first thing in the morning to correct dehydration produced during long sleep.

• Water should be taken before exercising to have it available for creating sweat.

• Water should be taken by people who are constipated and don’t eat sufficient fruits and vegetables. 2-3 glasses in the morning acts as the most effective laxative.

The body uses up to 6-8 glasses of its body water for essential functions. It needs on average upwards of half its weight in ounces of water per day – a minimum of 8-10 glasses. Water should be taken in 8-16 oz portions throughout the day. Just like you don’t want your car to run out of gas; don’t let your body become dehydrated before you drink!

Drink, drink, drink – WATER!!!!!                                                        


*********All of this educational information was provided by the book,You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! , by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.

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    Great content. I’ll keep coming back for similar posts which I cannot wait to read….

  2. Don Riggs

    It is good to be reminded about the need for water. I drink at least a liter of water a day after dinner (in part to balance the wine that I’ve drunk during the meal!), and I take advantage of my workplace’s water fountain. Instead of using the small disposable paper cups next to the fountain, I save the large plastic cups I occasionally buy iced coffee in to drink LARGE glasses of spring water, several times a day. Water washes through us, flushing the system. I like to think of creeks that run down mountainsides; apparently, they clean themselves on the rocks every 100 feet!

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    I went immediately to my doctor?s office. My blood pressure had dropped so low from the blood loss that she sent me directly to the emergency room. There I learned I needed to see a gastroenterologist as soon as possible. After a

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