Water as a Healing Tool

healingwaterblogpic.jpg I have always enjoyed water. As a young girl, I swam a lot living in Houston, Texas. Summers are hot! Going to the beach was a welcome treat. I think I have always liked showers and baths were a time I could light candles and listen to music and chill.

Since taking up more practices in the healing arts I have learned about the necessity of detoxing your body. In fact, you can detox your mind and spirit too!

Every day stress, toxins and pollution enter into our bodies, our temples, and what happens if it doesn’t come out, it stays inside to accumulate and rot. The key to continued good health is continual detoxification and purification.

On a daily basis I feel the physical stress of life bearing down and into my body. I usually try to practice yoga or work out at the gym to move through a lot of this stress. Even yoga or working out can add strain to the body if it is weakened or ill aligned.

Mentally, we all have so many things on our plates: family, friends, work, social structures that take constant care and attention to keep them on track and healthy relationships.

Spiritually, in our lives we encounter people, concepts and situations that we are forced to deal with in our daily lives that cause us to feel unsettled or challenged.

From the food we eat, the water we drink, the environmental pollution and all the other chemicals we ingest directly or indirectly in life our bodies are being taxed heavily.

How do we keep up with the detoxification we truly need to stay ahead of the curve?

Detoxification and purification are such encompassing subjects I will have to break them apart a little at a time. But for now, I am reminded of a simple practice that does my mind, body and spirit a world of good! Yesterday I had a challenging day and it got to be late in the day and all I could think about was a long, hot shower.

I have learned that cleansing the body through bathing is an effective tool to physically remove toxins from the body. This is intuitive; but once you connect that knowledge to that actual practice you might find your elevated consciousness really seeing or feeling the toxins washing away. Taking them out of your being in mind, body and spirit.

I steam in the shower or bath a long time to saturate my body with water. Allowing my body to feel relaxed and open from the new energy I am being provided with through this element. The cleansing, healing water has the ability to wash away the impurities of daily living.

Next, I use the water that flows out of a hand held showerhead, I direct the old energy out of my body using warm/hot water. Using my mind, I connect or pick up the old energy with the flow of water and release them out of my body. I go over my entire body.

Through time I have been able to strengthen this association or connection through continued practice. A long, hot shower can take me from one tense, tired place to a nice, easy one.

I strongly recommend connecting to water as a healing, nurturing source for your enjoyment and health!

Remember a happy self is a healthy self in mind, body and spirit!

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