Wellness Week, a Reminder Your Health Matters

Wellness week is a great opportunity for someone to take a tour through the opportunities that your local communities provide for you to take better control of your health. Whether it is to learn about new treatments/classes, find a practitioner or have a sample treatment before you commit to the full service these events are designed to introduce you to the people and their talents, training and gifts from G-d. People who take care of your mind, body and spirit love what they do and are more than Happy to share their knowledge with you!

Health translates into overall daily wellness and cumulatively that turns into vitality. As we age we should pay more attention to the things we put in our bodies, how we treat our body, what our mind is doing and saying, how we feel in general and specifically treat little aches, pains and dis-comforts in the beginning so that we stay well. There are amazing recovery stories of all sorts of people who have suffered from certain illnesses and diseases and have cured themselves with the help of alternative and conventional health care providers, diet, exercise, rest, meditation and so forth. Health and wellness is a huge business but is also a unique time in history to have so much knowledge at our fingertips, so many people in these industries, so many opportunities and choices as to how to take care of our health.

A community yoga studio is the perfect place to find good quality practitioners who are waiting for you to come say hello! Recently it was wellness week at Studio 34. This yoga studio in West Philadelphia is a rustic, warm, peaceful studio nestled close to Clark Park & all the best restaurants in the area. They offer tons of classes each week, workshops, bodywork, reiki and have tons of resources. I went over and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of different wellness providers. I was able to chat with several practitioners and get to know what they do best. They had art therapy, massage, raffle tickets, a sand box and great natural food. I even won a massage, can’t beat that!

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