What is Divinity?

A friend recently asked the question what is Divinity?

I smiled and said YOU…this is an age old question. The search for the answer has become a life long quest for some. Divinity is anything that has its origin in the Divine. Divinity is that which is eternal and unchanging. Divinity is innate in all beings because all beings have the same Divine source. In fact the Universe, including man and woman, has its origin in the Divinity. Before creation only the Divine Being had existence. Some mystics have said it is the same after creation as it was before creation.

Divinity must be found within ones self. When Divinity can bee seen inside of the self, it becomes easy to see the Divine in others. The Sufis have a saying, “see the Divine in others, and your self in the Divine. The yogi greeting is “Namaste” which means “I greet the Divine in you”.

From the viewpoint of Oneness, “there is no spoon” meaning the universe is an illusion (maya) and the Divinity is the only Reality. So, in answer to the question, what is Divinity? the questioner should ask who am I? In finding the answer to the question, who am I? , the seeker at the same time answers the question what is Divinity?


—Love and light—Sufi

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