What is it to Surrender in a Yoga Posture?

Corpse Pose, Surrender

Surrendering in a yoga posture. What does that mean? To me, it is to be in a posture and let go. As I teach yoga, I look around and find so many people still holding so much tension in their bodies. When I go inward I can find places within my self I need to surrender from in order to be open or relaxed in a posture.

It is possible to release and open each part of your body from head to toe. If we were able to get rid of the tension and stress that is built up on a daily basis, how much less tension would be in our bodies?

Whether it is in a contracted yoga posture or a true relaxation posture, little by little, just like a hip opener, you can draw deeper into surrender if you keep practicing it. This is the only way to truly train physical relaxation in yoga. There is a certain type of magical feeling when you get to this point. Like nirvana must be, full body relaxation is splendid and so rejuvenating! This is the point of surrendering so completely that you let go of the physical body and just reside in your spiritual self.

By practicing surrender in different challenging or relaxation postures will get you lots of different kinds of releases. Some of them are mental, some emotional, and there are spiritual releases as well. Surrendering and breathing into a relaxation posture will restore your body significantly if incorporated into a regular practice. Personally, as I have continued with this practice, I can feel my bodies’ ability to rebuild as I open, breathe and relax. Emotionally, mentally it can help people not feel like you have to control everything. Start telling your mind and body to take a break. Find peace, happiness and emptiness.

Give yourself a gift of surrender and release from the normal pressure, tension and activity that we live our lives in on a regular basis. Taking these moments to surrender you will become enveloped by a state of grace. In that place of openness you can experience the merging of your self with the Universal energy to become one. Allowing yourself to trust the Universal law that guides us through life. This will help you release the suffering of your own will and ego and allow the Universal energy to direct your soul. Or at least your body will be a bit more relaxed.


Ideally you start this practice in a meditative state so that the work is very deep. Start in corpse pose. Lie on the ground, chin down, hips open, arms open. Try releasing the spine deeper into the Earth. In all directions you expand and release against and into the Earth. Fill your body with breath and send relaxation into the posture.

Breathe in and out deeply to the surrender of your physical, mental, spiritual self. The act of letting go is so freeing. It allows the body to just be and not be in control. From this place your mind will clear and what is your core will be emitted from your center. Take the focus off yourself and become ONE with the Universe for a while.

Each time you do this practice in a posture the body lets go and releases a little deeper. The process is about letting go so much you find what is in your true center. Only you know if you are concentrating and focused in the specific place of your body so that you will be able to release it. Concentration is a definite component of getting to the state of “surrender.” Whether it is tension, negativity, toxicity, emotional, physical, spiritual stress- just let go of it.


Challenge yourself to find one time every day you are holding tension in your body or mind, release it and take 9 deep breaths in and out of that space and think open, relax and surrender.

Try to visualize or call the attention of your mind to a body part. Release that area by releasing the stress, tension or blockages. Use your mind’s eye to scan your body parts and open and release the places where you are holding on. Let the breath guide you a little deeper each time.

Or once a day take time to let your shoulders relax, let your jaw open, relax your hands and feet. Then move into your mind and surrender anything you hold in it just for a few moments by using the breath as relaxation. This is a useful tool for every day life.

Resting Pose, Surrender

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