What is Love Anyway?



Recently, I was talking to a friend and we got into a discussion about love. This person was asking me about my definition of love, what I expect and how do I find it.

I have pondered love throughout life on and off probably as most people. Once I began studying yoga it brought me to consider love in a whole new realm. One I felt was much more pure and comprehensible in an unattached state of being.

Love is defined in the dictionary as a strong, warm, profound positive emotion or pleasure, an intense emotional state or intense feeling of liking or affection. One can define love in so many ways as it feels right within your heart and soul.

In yoga, you can help your heart and spirit reconnect and rekindle love within your self. We use the heart center or chakra as a place of connection. A physical manifestation of what is sometimes an emotional feeling.

The heart chakra is associated with the color green. Green is a color we associate with growth or nature. I find that interesting because I feel love is an organic thing that can grow or die, be vibrant or wither away. It depends on the health of the soil you plant love in, the conditions of growth and the environmental factors that occur in the realm of this structure.

In connecting to this chakra we emphasize first self-love and then love for others. I can vouch for the practical theory that you must first love yourself before a loving relationship can work indefinitely in your life.

Some things to remember when you consider existing in the physical state of love with another being:


  • Being in love is an unconditional state. It is usually considered a serious vow of commitment to be there and do most anything in your power for the person you profess your love.
  • Love is not meant to be filled with expectations or conditions. Meaning you cannot impress your views and requirements of love onto another person. This will never work!
  • Empathy is a very useful condition in love. Try to understand the others feelings, their person, their viewpoints and mannerisms. Take them for truth.
  • Love is nonpermanent. Love should be cherished and appreciated because love can change or be lost. Be in the act of creation and you will help your love evolve.

When the heart centre has been fully opened, it becomes the channel for Universal Love. This is probably why in so many cultures the heart is said to be the seat of the soul. When you live in love, with love in your heart at all moments your life is sweeter and fuller and attracts more love to and around you.

Valentine’s Day was just here and I hope everyone gave, received and shared LOVE with MANY people in their lives! A loving gesture can brighten anyone’s day. If you can swing it, remember to act from love once a day and improve your state of being and karma too! 

  1. Peter

    Ah yes, love. The most wonderful feeling in the world. It was written that “Life is as fleeting as the morning Dew.” If so then what of love? A mere feeling. You spoke of love as nonpermanent. The Buddhist philosophy of impermanence clearly states that all is temporary, nonpermanent. So it is true of love. What we must realize in this young western culture is that after the love fades, the commitment made between two souls remains.

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