When Tragedy Strikes


You could say Houston, Texas has a special place in my heart. I grew up there. I haven’t lived there in some time; but some family, friends and loved ones live there. Houston/Galveston are not the first places to experience tragedy such as Ike. But, it seems when events hit close to home that you feel inspired to get a little more vocal and involved in the process.

In the recent past: we have seen hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes take out many people, families, homes, businesses and cities. Whether we learn about it from the television, computer, newspaper we feel affected by the news; but we are not effected by the event.

The importance of a home, basic necessities and a stable environment are essential. Without these things people and life can get a bit scary and strange. It is one thing to never know these essentials and another to have once had them and in an instant have them taken away.

How can we truly help these millions of people get back to a normal life? Mother Earth is omni-powerful and natural disasters will never cease, it is part of the cycle of life.


In yoga we learn compassion. * Compassion for others is a feeling of deep sympathy for another who is stricken by misfortune and a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. Helping physically, mentally, financially or even spiritually can bring relief to others and allows you to empower yourself.

With so many different cultures, religions, lands in trouble it is hard to know where to focus your energy. You can help build community and responsibility by getting involved. Giving is admirable and will warm your heart. Maybe you can pick one or two causes that resonate in you. Helping rebuild people’s lives one at a time or in tandem is choosing to be a part of the solution. Once disaster moves through putting the pieces back together is the only solution.

In yoga practice, sometimes you feel mighty and other times meek. Which disposition is the truth? I think they both are depending on the moment. It is the same in nature. That shouldn’t mean we give up, when there is hope there is growth.

May all the people everywhere that experience great tragedy feel hope enter back into their lives and pick up the pieces to move forward as best as they can given the circumstances.

If you would like to make a donation to the Houston Food Bank which provides food to the victims, follow this link: http://www.houstonfoodbank.org/default.aspx




Image of Ike from above comes from: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/multimedia/hurr_ike091008.html

* Wikipedia definition of Compassion

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