I have been questioning what wisdom means to me lately. I feel like I am being presented with a similar set of situations, people as another time in my lifetime. As time passes, hopefully, we become wiser. If we are living and learning, then, integrating and refining … I think this means we are getting wiser. Then there is the difference between being smart, truthful or wise. Are all of these things balled up to create wisdom?

Let us take a look at it for a minute..

In the beginning of your life it may be that you want to be smart because then you can do good in school. This type of wisdom is learned facts, figures and concepts. Certainly, this is a foundation to your wealth of knowledge; but, I remember some people in school waving the smart card in front of you as a means of power & control. Is that ego or is that wisdom? Most really influential people are smart and they know how to utilize knowledge to create their position in life; still others, muscle their way to the top. Who is smarter or wiser? Does it really matter?

Well, staying on top of your game, as you get older is a tougher prospect because you have to know what promotes longevity. Now, this longevity can be your health, wealth, mind, popularity, status, even your spirit!

I believe when you are truthful you remain relevant for longer with more ease. Everyone has different degrees of truth and they live within them and around them at all times. Also, everyone has a different comfort level or degree of truth and this does not remain constant, (except maybe if you are an old Buddhist Monk). So, we weave in and out of degrees of truth as a way of getting to know ourselves, survival, and hopefully, improve our true self.

After that moment in time when you will awake or you awoke this can become a quest, a game or a serious fundamental puzzle to work on and through for all the days of your life.

Has it happened yet, are you in it, how are you doing, is it getting any easier are the answers any clearer, can you see the truth, is it any stronger, are you more connected??

Wisdom is a well of long-standing precepts that you can hold up to the test of time. I think of it as tried and true information. Personal wisdom is your own experience with this wisdom in the events, people, places and time you incur them in which create your life. If you keep adding to the well with integrity and dedication-I think wisdom is a natural reflection you will behold.



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