Yoga Workshops Galore!


 I feel I should share some of each one of my experiences at the Being Yoga, Omega Institute Conference with you because the actual event was so special!

Class starts at 7am! Ready to work w/Johnny Kest on getting a “Beautiful Mind & a Beautiful Body”. I like that idea!Starting slowly to get into his flow he powerfully keeps the mantra, “You cannot experience transformation until you truly accept where you are right now in mind, body & spirit. ” That thought was so powerful in the moment. All geared up to “practice” yoga & he is reminding me of why I came there in the 1st 10 minutes.

You know, yoga is a process. It is evolutionary & with each moment it is possible to experience the same thing in a slightly different way to alter your mind, body or spirit! Better yet, it is possible to affect all of them & create a cumulative affect that is greater than any one dimensional shift.

So, there I was shifting, for the better, on the mat & in my mind. Fully embracing these words into any & every part of me the words would travel. It made me warm & gave me the chills. Then, we began to work physically while concentrating on the breath to steady the mind. Eventually, he made us really sweat & work. The energy & intention were building in the room & in our bodies. Our minds assured that once we accepted ourselves for who & what & where & how & why our power for transformation was infinite!

Next, I visited Maya Breuer for “Exploring Yoga & Sacred Rhythms”. What a woman, what a concept! Being truly comfortable in your own skin! To dance & move & be free, to connect & carry your sacred rhythm with you wherever you go! That was why I was there to strengthen my creative voice & make sure it doesn’t leave me at those pivotal moments that can define your performances! A very unstructured, rhythmic dance began & she instructed us to move & express & be free. We did! It was great!  

Moving to the floor we began to express our own motivations & histories of why we came together for this class. The stories of personal challenge were the most moving! Maya did a wonderful job of allowing each person to feel understood & supported in those moments! Giving us the reminder of letting it all out w/sounds & staying connected to our strong spirits!

I especially enjoyed the partner work! I met a lovely lady ,Erika, who lives & owns a yoga studio, Yoga Central, , in Mt. Dora, Fl. After only 3 yrs of teaching she & her partner are going to help train others to be teachers & allow their own creative teaching energy a chance to be expressed through their guidance using workshops like this one to help pave their way.

In the afternoon I went, “Inside the Yoga Sutras” w/ Rev. Jaganath Carrera. Being trained in the Chinese Eastern Arts my exposure to the Yoga Sutras or any of the other Hindu texts on yoga are unfamiliar to me. It was a unique opportunity to sit w/a man who has been teaching yoga since 1973. His knowledge of the text & their translation was effortless.

He talked without papers for 2 1/2 hrs. It wasn’t so much what direct translations he provided for us ; but, the reminder of why we practice yoga, to be HAPPY. Happiness begins in the heart. The mind controls the heart ; so, if you have distorted thinking you cannot be happy. Clearing out the webs that keep you from positive, clear thinking can help you see you for your true nature.

The Reverend recommends asana( posture) , pranayama ( breathwork) , meditation & service to others on a daily basis. No matter how short the practice is 1 posture, 1 long , deep breath, 1 Om & picking up 1 piece of trash is a good daily ritual. This daily practice is better than skipping a bunch of days & than doing a whole bunch once in a while.

In the end, I learned about the oneness in any spiritual practice & the importance of my own daily practice.

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